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A Discussion about Video Production

Today’s technology has taken us to a different level where we are able to capture videos of things happening using our smartphones or cameras or so many other devices, therefore, video coverage is not something new to us. Video production is the method of coming up with video content and being able to record the images digitally and not in film stock. In this guide we are going to look at the overview of video production and this will include the three stages which are pre-production, production, and post-production.

The initial stage when it comes to video production is what is called the pre-production and this is even before you start filming. This stage of video production includes writing of the scripts, scheduling, operating the logistics and administrative duties. The pre-production stage is seen to be the base of the video production, and this is because it outlines what is required before you start to do any production and this are the script writing, scheduling, and budgeting which are mandatory before you start your production.

Once you have outlined or done your preparations in the pre-production stage you come to the real thing which is the production stage which involves filming and actually video coverage. When it comes to the actual production or filming of whatever it is that you want to capture it is important that you ensure that you have quick and precise cameramen who are able to capture what should be captured and not miss out on anything. When the video coverage is trying to capture a live event whether it is a football match or a riot or something that is actually happening on the ground, they should be up on their feet because this is something that they are not able to control and will not wait for them to be ready for it to happen.

After the production, the stage comes the post-production stage and this is the final stage where basically everything is put together to try and come up with a video that will be able to tell a story or communicate whatever message that it was intended for whether it was a live event or a staged event. This is what will basically prove whether your video coverage is a hit or misses. When it comes to this final stage this is a very crucial and vital stage because it will determine whether or not the video will be put up there for the audience and therefore the editing should be done thoroughly to ensure that the video comes out exactly the way it was supposed to come out so that it can be shown to its audience.

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