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Ways Iran is Dodging Nuclear Sanctions

The US and its UE counterparts must keep close eye on Iran, if they to prevent the country from developing nuclear weapons. Government operatives in Iran are very much determined to build nuclear weapons even though tough sanctions have greatly limited their plan. Since the time their nuclear weapons program was discovered in the year 2002, Iran has continually used all tricks and tactics to advance its agenda to become a nuclear power. State officers are in charge of Iran quest to attain nuclear weapons. The sanctions imposed by the US on Iran economy have yielded some fruits but Tehran operatives continue to push on with their plans.

For instance, sanctions imposed by America and EU have badly damaged the Iranian economy. Despite numerous anti-government protests in Iran, operatives in Tehran continue with their quest to build nuclear weapons. Even though some of the sanctions are having the desired effects, the Iranian government is finding ways to circumvent such actions. Tehran operatives are determined to develop nuclear weapons, so the US and EU government must act to stop the threat first. This article summarizes some the tactics the operatives in Tehran are employing to by-pass tough sanctions put forward by the United States of America.

Buying out firms Industrial plants in Europe

The government operatives in Tehran are buying out firms in foreign nations with the aim of advancing their nuclear program. For instance, there is a scheme by the Iranian government to invest in firms in Germany and Italy via proxy companies. What is suspect is that the Iranians are pouring money into energy companies, with the aim of acquiring key technologies needed to advance their nuclear ambitions.

For instance, the Iranian government through its proxy companies has managed to fully acquire several industrial plants in Frankfurt. The moment American and European Union operatives uncover such machinations, the Iranian shut the companies and start new ones. A majority of firms acquired by proxy companies representing the Iranian government haven’t made profits hence some have been forced to shut. The ultimate aim of Iranian operatives is to use all tactics in the book to acquire know how and skills to build nuclear weapons.

Using oversees firms to procure materials

The Iranian government is using tricks to by-pass the sanctions by utilizing proxy firms based in nations such as UAE to procure illegal equipment and materials. For instance, investigations have reveled a connection between Tehran and some companies procuring industrial materials and equipment, which are based in Dubai. Even though the European union and the American government are alert, Iran is finding all manner of loopholes to procure materials and continue their nuclear enrichment program.

The Essentials of Sanctions – The Basics

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