Montreal Real Estate Projects

Montreal has an exciting period of growth happening, and many new real estate projects are in the making. One such project is the YUL project, which will provide 800+ new condos and 17 luxury townhouses. This project is being completed in two stages and managed and financed by a collaboration of Canadian and Chinese contractors. This is one of the biggest building projects happening in Montreal. The Kheng Ly company, Brivia Management, is involved in many quality construction projects in Montreal and Quebec.

Canada And China Are Collaborating

The People’s Republic of China and the government of Canada are working together with the Canadian company Brivia management and the Chinese company Gansu Tianqing Real Estate Group. There is a growing number of Chinese families living in Canada. Their needs can be met by these construction projects. The Brivia Group and Management companies are owned by Kheng Ly, who has lived and worked in Canada for years but has a Chinese background.

This company works to improve Chinese communities with public service projects for health care, cultural awareness, and education. They are a development firm with a diversified team that understands the Chinese and the Canadian cultures. They draw Chinese investors to their projects in Quebec and Montreal.

Canada can benefit from investment from other countries in forming a more cosmopolitan and world-friendly atmosphere. When those foreign investments and building projects meet all of Montreal’s building, safety, and design standards, it can be a win-win situation.

The YUL and Quinzecent Condominiums Montreal Projects

Two noteworthy projects being managed by the Brivia group are the YUL condo towers and townhouses in downtown Montreal and the Quinzecent Condominiums Montreal in the resort country of Lac-Beauport. Condominium customers can choose downtown convenience and being close to city action or living in lake country with both winter and summer sports nearby. Downtown living appeals to true city dwellers while country living is just the thing for others.

The YUL towers and townhouses are designed in a modern avant-garde architectural style that fits in with the modern city of Montreal. This project has won several awards from local business groups. The Quinzecent Condominium Montreal project is built to blend into the beautiful lake setting. Go to for more projects and building development news.