Three Types of Laser Machines

There are several types of laser machines available on the market today that operate through a variety of processes. Here are three types of the most commonly used machines available today from Boss Laser.

Fiber Lasers

Fiber lasers are primarily used in applications such as laser cutting, laser ablation, laser cleaning, and laser etching. Laser cutting is the process by which a material severed through the concentrated heat and radiation that lasers produce. Laser ablation is the process by which the surface of a material, usually a metal material, is melted away to reveal a different material in the sublayer for either an industrial application or artistic effect. Laser cleaning, which is similar to the process of laser ablation, melts and burns away unwanted grime, filth, dirt and other unwanted materials from the surface of machine parts, plate metals or other tools. Laser etching is the process by which glass, acrylics or other materials are marked with logos, text or other messages for both artistic and industrial reasons.

CO2 Lasers

Another type of laser that is available on the market today is the CO2 laser. CO2 laser machines generally offer increased power and capability over fiber lasers. There are numerous CO2 laser machines available from companies such as Boss Laser. Boss Laser offers various CO2 type laser machine models that range in power, size, and price. The introductory LS-1416 model is available at less than half the price of what people usually spend to get started in the world of CO2 laser machines. CO2 lasers can also be used in many of the same applications as fiber lasers, making them an ideal choice for the professional and the hobbyist alike. Visit to watch videos, review machine specifications and read boss laser cutter review from satisfied customers.

Metal Laser Markers

Not everyone that uses lasers needs a high-powered cutting machine. Some businesses just need to etch things into metal surfaces to customize their products for resale. For these customers, Boss Laser offers the Boss FM Desktop, a 20- to 50-watt etching laser that is ideal for marking firearms, jewelry, and even acrylic surfaces. The Boss FM Desktop is perfect for imprinting bar codes, serial numbers, warning labels, and other information with excellent clarity.

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